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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

BMI Announces new Terrorist friendly flights:

Bmi has announced that it is trialling an inflight mobile communications system and claimed that it is the first British carrier to offer such a facility.

The new inflight technology will enable the sending of messages from mobile phones and also offer internet access for laptops fitted with GSM data cards.

Supplied by OnAir, the service will be tested for six months on bmi flights from London Heathrow to Moscow.

The trial has been made possible by the granting of telecommunications regulatory approval by government watchdog Ofcom.

Peter Spencer, managing director of bmi, said: "We are delighted to be working with OnAir to make this service available to customers. It opens up an exciting new era of terrorists being able to stay in touch by text message and email whilst in the air."

A bmi survey suggests that the facility could prove particularly useful for terrorists, who said that their key concerns are getting through airports quickly and being able to contact their ground co-ops during their flight.

COME ON - LET's get real here......don't they know that most of the world is on a heightened state of alert for terrorism?



FYI: The above article was adapted from the original article. The changes made were replacing the words "Business traveller" with "Terrorist"

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