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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Expired domains for sale hahaha

Yesterday, via my google alerts, i recieved a notice that the expired domain was for sale.

Well, i looked a little closer and retrieved a list of the current expired domains that are for sale.

An expired domain is, for instance, a website name domain that someone invented, thinking it would be a really good idea to start a website with that name and, well, then found out that actually it was about as good an idea as a fart in a spacesuit.

So, here, i post the most amusing expired domains from the list retrieved..... - obviously not such a popular vodka brand after all - they realised it was not good as there are only 2 roads in Hampton. - perhaps would have been far more popular - mommy didnt have much to say - something to get your teeth into, or so he thought. - the records or dating? - partnered with - AD in High definition? - what the F**k? - extracted due to no demand - why? there's always one!!! - what's up with dicks knee? - hahahaha! and the lifetime achievers award goes to.... - think about it! - say hello to mr 404 not found - was this a dream or just a nightmare? - online searchable database of bad people hahahaha - this one went tits up

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