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Saturday, 21 August 2010

An Eye for an Eye ?


A touchy subject, but nothing's too touchy when you find those preaching their word, using their word in the very way that they are teaching people not to use it.

The expulsion of Christian's from Morocco.

I'll break this down for you very easily.

During July 2010, some christian Americans who were acting as parents to Muslim, parentless children in Moroco were expelled from Morocco at very short notice for teaching the word of god.
In Morocco, as it is in most islamic countries, it is forbidden to try to convert a muslim to any other religion.

So, these American christians were expelled from Morocco.
Now, admittedly, they were expelled without any real process of law.
That, i must admit, is a real shame.

But, is it enough to really get your knickers in a twist?

Well, it rattled my cage.
Not really because they were expelled without any court case etc, no no no, but what got on my goat today was the response and the recent correspondance that resultingly flitted backwards and forwards between a Mr Michael Paul the  Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the Northern Illinois Chapter of the Christian Legal Society and The Honorable Aziz Makouar
Ambassador, Embassy of Morocco in Washington.

Now, here's my point... Mr Paul qoutes in his correspondance  Romans 12: 17-21 from the Bible.
This chapter of the good book qoutes not to take an eye for an eye, and requests it's readers to allow god to get the revenge, to take the action.

Well, Mr Paul addresses that to the Honorable Aziz Makouar, right after Mr Paul, (whom, remember is the Chairman of the Human rights committee of the Northern Illinois chapter of the Christian legal society) threatens the Honorable Aziz Makouar with going to the American congress and asking them to suspend a $700 million dollar contract between the US and Morocco.

Not content with that, later, during his correspondance, Mr Paul decides to question the very stability of Islam....

What does your government fear about this small number of Christian believers? Is Islam with its long history unable to defend itself against intellectual debate and dialogue? Is your government so fearful of Christian believers because the Islamic faith is so easily shaken?

I made my comments clear on the published page of "Touchstone Magazine":

Well, the real christian values of Michael Paul and the christian organisation of whom he writes on behalf of really do shine through in his attempt at correspondance.
In Mr Paul's last correspondance published above, he reminds the recipient of Romans 12: 17-21, which states to not take an eye for an eye. Yet, Mr Paul cannot resist the very eye for an eye tactics that his own qouted words warn about.

This is what concerns me about most of my experiences with christian activists, the hypocrisy, in this instance, of threatening to insist that the United states suspends the five-year Millennium Challenge contract between the United States and Morocco of almost $700 million dollars. Not content with that threat of an eye for an eye, he descends futher into the depths of holy deparavity by wielding the axe further with "if Morocco no longer needs Christian businessmen, educators and aid workers, it can rely upon the zakaat and not on the taxpayer funds of hard-working Americans who are appalled by the policies of your government."
Even further, Mr Paul then turns his attentions to questioning the very stability of Islam.
Writing in direct contradiction to one's own beliefs and furthermore attacking the very basis of stability of another religion, Mr Paul surely will only bolster the beliefs of the Moroccan authorities that they took the correct action.
“It is mine to avenge. I will repay,” says the Lord.
Apparently, so will Michael Paul.

Especially after another commenter added that Mr Michael Paul is "Brilliantly well spoken" and that " Christians should pray for truth to Prevail in Morocco"

Well, excuse me, but, isn't this equivalent to some holy Jihad?

So, now we have 2 Christian activisits actively anticipating a result brought about by their fiddling and meddling and praying to god that truth will prevail.

An eye for an eye Mr Michael Paul ?

I am certain that congress is not going to cease a $700 million contract just because a few of your "soldiers" got caught with their fingers in the holy cash box. 

Take your own advice Mr Michael Paul, and do not seek an eye for an eye.

Let god decide, as you so plainly qouted it.

The full sordid and published details to which i responded can be found here:

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