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Thursday, 3 April 2008

I love your city

Today, i recieved a communication email from a lady called "Lluvia Medina"

This translates, into english, as "Love your City"

Well, very loosely anyway.
Medina = city and Lluvia, well, it's love ya, aint it? eh?

So, were her parents taking the piss or what?

Or was she, at birth, some sort of product of a government campaign to clean up cities across the country?

You know, "make your city great, love your city"

So, her parents decided this was a great campaign, were stuck for a name for their daughter and decided " i know! let's call her Love your city!"

A lasting tribute to the government campaign, backing it and carrying on the message for a lifetime.

Other great classic names are of course, the kids classic Theresa Green.

More i came across recently were:

Ben Laken...why didnt they call him "Inter" after "Inter laken" in Switzerland?
Sun Tian...obviously a spelling mistake, and his real name is "Sun Tan"
Robert Firth...they actually wanted to call him Robert the Fifth
Adriana Conde...her sisters name is Ana
lucinda darke....on the loose and in the dark
craig stumbles....very unfortunate
Arie Jacob Kok...Hairy what?
scott popham...Ha!

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